A sustainable and
ecological vineyard

From our land

As winemakers with a long-term vision and 36 years of experience, we want you to be sure that when you choose one of our wines, you will be sure to get it right. There is no VALENCISO 2003 or 2013 because these years did not provide the level of quality.

Organic viticulture

Since 2006, we have been working the vineyard following sustainable or integrated viticulture. In 2017, we took a further step, switching to organic cultivation. This is the best way of growing grapes to respect the soil, the vine and the environment. We do not use herbicides, pesticides or insecticides. This means more time, since many more hours of work are needed in the field and more risk, since the ecological struggle does not have the effectiveness of chemistry. In the end, it all adds up to more cost.